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Florida Impressions
Take a journey through Florida's colorful landscapes, historic sites, and magnificent coastline through the creative eyes of James Randklev. His striking imagery captures the essence of Florida's natural beauty as well as its history. Explore the powdery white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast, snorkel the coral reefs off the Keys and take in the lifestyle of Key West. Walk along Ocean Blvd in South Beach's Art Deco District, or drive up the Atlantic Coast to experience intracoastal lagoons and the Kennedy Space Center. Florida's interior is filled with natural springs, wildlife refuges, and dense forests. Visit the Everglades "river of grass" or swim with manatees in several Florida State Parks. This little book will make a great gift for anyone who loves the sunshine state.
80 pages, 9 1/8"x 8 1/8" softbound
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Zion National Park Impressions
As Lyman Hafen, executive director of Zion Natural History Association writes in the foreward...."In this day and age we are bombarded by color images in such proliferation it is easy to become complacent to their beauty. But as James Randklev and Tom Till have proven in the pages of this book, the utter magnificence of Zion National Park can still stop you in your tracks and cause you to wonder if such a place truly exists. I can assure you it does exist, just as these two wonderful artists have captured it." 80 pages, 9 1/8"x8 1/8" softbound
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The World’s Top Photographers – Landscape
The work of 38 of the world’s finest landscape photographers is collected together and showcased for the first time in this stunning new volume by RotoVision. The book features beautiful compelling images by David Muench, Art Wolfe, James Randklev and Tom Mackie to name a few. It includes such inspiring locations as Monument Valley and Yosemite National Park in the American West, the snow-capped peaks of the Scottish Highlands, Japan’s cedar-forested Okumikawa Mountains, the sand dunes of Namibia, the rocky interior and dramatic beaches of the east coast of Australia, and the placid waters of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. In-depth interviews with each photographer provide an insight into their philosophy and working methods, and detailed picture captions tell the fascinating stories behind the images. 176 pages, 10” x 10”, hardbound
Purchase online for $24.5

Monterey Peninsula Impressions
A keepsake remembrance or a great gift for anyone who loves this part of California’s coast from Monterey to Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach to world famous 17 mile Drive as well as Carmel and the rugged Big Sur coastline along Highway 1. James Randklev has captured this magnificent landscape that has inspired artists from the past century including Robinson Jeffers the poet, John Steinbeck the writer, and Ansel Adams and Edward Westin photographers. Experience the history of Monterey and the sheer fun of its world class aquarium. This book is a visual feast for the eyes. 80 pages, 9 l/8” x 8 l/8” , softbound
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Tucson Impressions
A rich tapestry of color defines the “Old Pueblo” known as Tucson. Resident photographer James Randklev has captured the essence of his city in its architecture, culture and stunning natural beauty nestled in the Sonoran Desert. Surrounded by towering mountains in a valley speckled with giant saguaro, prickly pear and mesquite, this second largest city of Arizona draws people who love sunshine, the arts, and a closeness to nature. With world class resorts and spas, Southwest cuisine, and its rich history, its no wonder so many visitors make Tucson their home. 80 pages, 9 l/8” x 8 l/8” , softbound
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Arizona Impressions
The Grand Canyon state is show cased in this stunning book of images that reflect the awesome beauty and diversity this land has to offer. Carved and shaped by the elements, Arizona displays a whole palette of colors that entertain the eye and spirit of anyone who seeks beauty. In a state that is often defined by the Grand Canyon you will find so much more, like the lush Sonoran Desert, wild flowing rivers, and towering mountains snow covered in winter. Whether it’s a glorious sunset for the eyes, a melodic sound of coyotes in the nite air or just the feel of a sandstone rock wall on your fingertips, Arizona will seduce you to come back for more. 80 pages, 9 1/8” x 8 1/8”, softbound
Purchase online for $9.95

Bryce Canyon National Park Impressions
Shaped by wind, water and gravity, Bryce Canyon is a place in motion. Unique among America's National Parks, this mysterious landscape of limestone hoodoos, arches, and spires fascinates everyone who ventures to this park in southern Utah. Visitors from all over the world have stood at various viewpoints or hiked its many canyon trails to be seduced by its intimate and colorful evolution of erosion. At 8000ft. elevation, Bryce Canyon is subject to harsh winters and summer thunderstorms. Here, famed nature photographer James Randklev has captured the canyon's beauty in all its seasons, from sweeping panoramas to intimate details of the canyon walls and flora.
80 pages, 9 1/8" x 8 1/8", softbound
Purchase online for $9.95

Florida Postcard Book
A stunning collection of 30 postcards celebrating Florida’s magnificent beaches, lush tropical forests, and historic landmarks. A great gift item or keepsake for yourself to enjoy. Revel in Florida’s colorful past like Hemingway’s home in Key West, the Greek community of Tarpoon Springs, historic Art Deco District of Miami Beach, and the powdery white sand beaches along the Gulf. This beautifully photographed postcard selection can be treasured in book form or removed for sending to friends and family.
30 pages, 5x7”, softbound
Purchase online for $7.95

Florida Simply Beautiful
Florida is a land of brilliant and subtle colors – the ocean’s many hues, sun-bright skies , pastel buildings, verdant vegetation, flowers in shades from ethereal to raucous—and James Randklev’s landscape photography does justice to the entire tropical palette. His work in Florida Simply Beautiful pays tribute to lush natural sites all around the state, including its many waters – from inland lakes and rivers to the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Randklev also has an eye for Florida’s intriguing architecture and cityscapes. His sensitive nature studies include close-ups of wild creatures, intimate floral blossoms and Nature’s own still-life compositions along the endless beaches. Here is Florida photographed as it deserves to be.
128 pages, 10" x 12”, hardbound
Purchase online for $29.95

Florida – Portrait of a State
A stunning portfolio of Florida’s best features including Atlantic and Gulf Coasts as well as the Keys are but a few of the indelible images presented by photographer James Randklev and others. Anyone who has ever experienced the Sunshine State will agree that Florida has some of the finest beaches in the world. Colorful Miami Beach is well known, but Clearwater, Naples, Seaside, Fort Lauderdale and Del Ray are local favorites. Florida’s rich history in Native American and immigrant cultures has given the state a proud heritage. Breathtaking landscape imagery from the wild and scenic Loxahatchee River to the Everglades and Big Cypress Preserve show that Floridians want to protect unique natural areas as well. Gardens, theme parks, and historic architecture round out this collection as a nice addition to anyone’s library. 112 pages, 10”x10”, hardbound
Purchase online for $14.95

Georgia Impressions
Georgia is a state of many diversities from Appalachians to the north, the gently rolling piedmont of central to the lower coastal plains and the great Okefenokee Swamp. If that weren't enough the dozen or so barrier islands along Georgia's Gold Coast give reason enough to enjoy and treasure this wonderful collection of 80 color photographs of the Peach State. Photographer James Randklev has captured all the beauty and history from border to border to make this book an excellent souvenir or remembrance.
80 pages, 9 1/8" x 8 1/8", softbound
Purchase online for $9.95

Georgia Postcard Book
A book of 21 postcards featuring Georgia’s natural and historic features, including Appalachian Mountains, coastal plains, the Okefenokee Swamp, and Cumberland Island as well as lighthouses, mansions and historic Atlanta and Savannah sites. A memorable visual collection bound for a keepsake or individually removed for sending to friends and family.
21 pages, 5x7”, softbound

Georgia Simply Beautiful
Georgia’s many moods and beauties are captured in this album of high quality landscape photography, which covers wild lands from Okefenokee Swamp to high atop the Appalachian Mountains, significant and stately buildings, rivers and waterfalls, historic sites, small towns and sparkling cities. Intimate close-ups mingle with grand long shots, showing why photographer James Randklev claims that "Georgia seduces my photographic vision."
129 pages, 10" x 12”, hardbound
Purchase online for $20.97

Georgia—Images of Wildness
Photographer James Randklev spent two years driving Georgia's back roads, hiking its many trails and canoeing its blackwater rivers and swamps. The result of his explorations is revealed within these pages--115 full-color photographs documenting the state's natural heritage and delicate ecosystems. Each chapter of the book details one of Georgia's six physiographic regions, introduced by commentaries from some of the state's most respected naturalists and ecologists.
Georgia is a region of such diverse contrast that it is difficult to imagine all this wild beauty in one state. 128 pages, 9"x12", softbound. Out of Print.

In Nature's Heart—The Wilderness Days of John Muir
John Muir, America’s great pioneer conservationist, brought nature’s “good tidings” to millions who have read his classic works, as fresh and inspiring today as when written a century ago. A wide-ranging introduction to Muir’s writing, In Nature’s Heart gathers many of his most eloquent observations and insights about the wilderness he celebrated. Unfolding like the course of a wilderness day, from dawn to nite, the collection reflects Muir’s boundless enthusiasm for all of nature’s manifestations and moods. James Randklev’s evocative color photographs illuminate each passage. For all who love Muir’s work, this is a volume to treasure.
88 pages, 8 x 8”, slipcase hardbound Out of Print

Olympic National Park Impressions
Olympic National Park holds some of the most diverse rugged wild beauty of any national park in the world. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve, Olympic is a treasure land of windswept beaches, glacial carved peaks, old growth rain forests, and pristine lakes. Take a journey of discovery with acclaimed photographer James Randklev and his stunning images of the land where the mountains meet the sea. It is no wonder why this magnificent park inspired Randklev to pick up a camera 30 years ago. Olympic National Park will inspire your own sense of wonder in this sensitive portfolio.
80 pages, 9 1/8 x 8 1/8”, softbound
Purchase online for $9.95

Wild and Scenic Florida
Florida is a semi-tropical paradise of beach, swamp, and wetland surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. In this startling new collection of large format images James Randklev explores the natural and man-made beauty of the Sunshine State. A remarkably attentive observer of the natural world, Randklev enters into a special relationship with the land. The secret correspondences between elements of nature which might otherwise go unnoticed become the basis for surprising revelations. 128 pages, 12x12”, hardbound
Purchase online for $27.97
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